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Why most real estate agents HATE taking MLS Photos!

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Why most real estate agents HATE taking MLS Photos!

You just got a new listing and now it is time to take pictures! Do you shoot them yourself or hire a professional? Lets get straight to the point!


1. Time is money! It takes about 4 hours in most cases to drive to a listing, take the pictures, drive home, and then edit the pictures. If an agent spends their time showing homes, marketing homes, marketing themselves and networking, they may land a client. Agents are smart- why spend 4 hours taking pictures to save a few hundred dollars when you could develop relationships that lead to future clients, and make a few thousand dollars. It’s basic math that makes sense…… not common core!

2. They are sales and marketing professionals with strong negotiating skills….. not photographers.

3. They don’t have professional photography equipment. Tripods, wide angle lenses, remote triggers, and flash equipment are not cheap! I nice DSLR with a wide angle lense makes a HUGE difference, but can also be expensive. Taking photos at proper exposure to not wash out the windows or bright spots can also be difficult.

4. The fourth reason that real estate agents…. especially the agents in Northwest Ohio, Toledo, Perrysburg, Sylvania areas hire a professional photographer is because Flyby Digital Media offers professional MLS photography at a great rate… AND we include drone pictures at a discount when combined with our MLS interior photography package!

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Examples of our work:

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