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Professional Real Estate Photography- Toledo, OH

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Professional Real Estate Photography- Toledo, OH

1/21/18-¬†Flyby Digital Media wants to be a part of your team and take the weight of photography and photo editing off of your shoulders! Let us buy the expensive equipment (including wide angle lenses to make the rooms look bigger), and spend the 3-4 hours organizing and editing your photo’s so you can spend more time networking and growing your business.

When you schedule your real estate photo’s with Flyby Digital Media, we take care of the rest. We can even coordinate with the seller to schedule the time, and you will have to worry about nothing! The typical process to hire us goes like this:

  • Call Flyby Digital Media and schedule the shoot. We will pick a day and time based on the weather. We can usually shoot within a day or two. Cost is $150 for most homes.
  • Once the shoot is scheduled, we handle the rest. We show up at the scheduled time, shoot multiple angles of all rooms, drive home, and load the 24 megapixel pictures onto our computer.
  • Photos are professionally edited and we deliver 40-50 interior/exterior pictures to your inbox for download within 48 hours of the shoot. We put the photos in order, so that in many cases you can click and load them to the MLS without spending too much time re-organizing them. Photo’s can be rushed for an additional fee.

Think about that. $150 gets you professional photos and saves you 1/2 to 3/4 of a days work taking and editing photos….. It’s a smart decision to hire flyby digital media, and professional photographs in your portfolio will eventually help you land more listings, making the ROI from our service an easy decision!

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