FAQs | Flyby Digital Media


Q: Is drone photography and video legal or illegal?

A:100% Legal for Flyby Digital Media, but not for everyone. Flyby Digital Media was the first company in the area to obtain a UAV/Drone Pilots license by the FAA. We are 100% authorized and legal for flight. Many companies are not however. Currently, anyone can fly a drone, but when used for commercial purposes, you must obtain a drone pilot’s license, or other exemptions through the FAA. As of early September, 2016, we believe we are the only company in the area that has received the FAA UAV/Drone pilot’s license.

Q: What are the benefits of drone photography?

A: The biggest benefit of drone video and photography are that you can get the camera higher in the sky for a unique and better perspective of a home, business, sporting event, charity event, weddings, family functions and more. For larger projects such as commercial buildings, a drone can get the entire job site in one shot.

Q: How does weather affect drone photography?

A: Weather plays a very important part in drone photography and videography. We can control camera settings to adjust for proper lighting and color, however excessive winds, rain, and storm clouds may create conditions that inhibit our ability to fly the drone safely, and/or capture quality footage.

Q: What are some of the most creative ideas for drone pictures/video that most people may not realize?

A: A Few uses for drones that many people do not think about are: 1) Family functions and family reunions- we can capture all of your loved ones on pictures and video’s so you can remember the times everyone is able to get together. 2) Custom real estate tours can be recorded when you are relocating. Instead of having to travel hundreds or thousands of miles just to look at a home, we can look at it for you and record the outside and the inside of the home in full HD for you to view in the convenience of your own home.

Q: What is the quality of the video and pictures taken by drones.

A: Most of the drones used by professionals take a minimum of 1080p HD video footage and 12 megapixel stills. Drones can also take video up to 4k resolution and the bigger professional drones can take still images up to 36 megapixels by mounting full size DSLR camera’s on them.

Q: Is drone footage shaky or unstable since you are flying and blowing through the air?

A: Great question. The answer is NO! Drone footage is actually the most stable footage available today. It is comparable to a camera being mounted on a tripod. The drone has a 3 axis gimbal that is always moving to compensate for flight speed and wind. The footage will be very stable and crisp.

Q: How far will Flyby Digital Media travel from it’s location in Perrysburg, OH?

A: Flyby Digital does not have a travel restriction! Travel in and around a 30 minute drive time of Perrysburg, OH is included with our standard charge. Drive times beyond 30 minutes are billed at $1.10 per mile. This charge may be waived for larger projects.

Q: How do I get a custom quote from Flyby Digital Media?

A: Please visit our get a price page for more information and our basic rates. Custom quotes and discounts are available for larger projects. We can also sit down with you for a planning session prior to any shoot to make sure we have the best vision for your project and capture all of the best shots. For the answers to more questions, you can e-mail us directly at Joe@flybydigital.com or call us directly at 419-265-0296.