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Drones used for Marketing in Toledo Ohio

How Drones Can Be Used For Marketing in Toledo Ohio

Incorporate drone video footage in your:

  • Websites
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media Posts
  • Sales Presentations
  • Web pages or blogs
  • Newsletters and E-Mail Blasts
  • Television advertising

Use the drone’s aerial photography for your:

  • Corporate Office
  • Online Advertising
  • Print/Marketing Materials
  • Internal Sales/Marketing Memo’s
  • Trade show set-up and display
  • E-Mail Blasts
  • Online Blogs
  • Billboards and other advertisiments
  • Branding and Sales Presentations

What makes Flyby Digital Media different is we are so much more than just drone pilot’s. We are a Drone Company! We fly faster and more efficiently saving you money. Our experience gives us a proven vision to get the right angles, exposure and highest quality picture. It should also be noted that the average internet user spends 88% more time on websites with video, so incorporating drone footage on your websites and social media channels is critical in 2016 for consumer engagement, and ultimately to help close the deal.

Which Industries Can Use Aerial Drone Footage?

Commercial drone usage is increasing quickly in real estate, agriculture, entertainment, real estate, home inspections, home improvement companies, car dealerships, news stations, local film production and more. Before drones were so readily available, many of these industries had to use much more expensive methods such as helicopters and airplanes to capture aerial video and images.

Real Estate is a great example of an industry that is capitalizing on drone aerial photography and video. Previously, realtors used helicopters to capture aerial shots of their properties. Now, drone’s can capture video and images at resolutions higher than the standard, at about 50x less cost that putting a helicopter in the air. Drones footage of real estate captures the property itself, but also the benefits of a location, traffic patterns, the neighborhood itself etc.

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