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Facebook Competitive Analysis

3/8/2019 – Flyby Digital Media is excited to announce our NEW proprietary methods to analyze and provide image reporting of competitor Facebook ads and in most cases landing pages associated with those ads. Our reporting is completed and delivered within 24 hours and includes the following:

  • Competitor Ads Report: Report showing all of your competitors ads that are currently in use on Facebook Ads Platform
  • Landing Page Report: In most cases Landing Pages, Instant Forms, or the destination associated with the ads can be shown.
  • 24 Hour Turn Around: You will receive high resolution screenshots of your competitors ads and landing pages within 24 hours. Even on the weekends.
  • What We Need From You: We will need you to provide us with the Competitor Name or Names and we will do the rest.

Complete the form below and let us know when the best time to get in touch with you is. We will respond quickly and once confirmed will deliver your report within 24 hours.

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