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Real Estate Drone Special

NEW! Virtual Fly-Through Service

Don’t worry, while our stunning video appears that we are flying/floating, we don’t actually fly a drone through the home, we use high-tech hand held HD stabilization systems. We only use the drone outside.

Virtual Tour Promotion- Flyby Digital Media, Perrysburg, OH

Limited Time – Introductory Discounts!

Introductory Special- FREE MLS Drone Pictures 

Inquire Now CLICK HERE! (See example below)

We are excited to introduce our “virtual fly-through service” and we are looking for local realtors to partner with us and receive an introductory discount off their first project! This is our newest service and the introductory promotion will last for a limited time! Contact us during this limited time special and receive FREE MLS Drone Exterior pictures w/ purchase of video tour. Take advantage of this introductory special and you won’t regret it! Our Virtual Fly-Through includes:

  • “Fly-Through” virtual tour of your listing (similar to the example posted below).
  • Exterior and Interior HD 1080p footage of your listing (Drone footage optional).
  • Edited 3-6 minute video posted to youtube with rights given to listing agent.
  • 3-6 minute video paired with soothing music requires user to sit back and watch, no clicking or navigating necessary.
  • Drone footage showcases the exterior of the home, property lines, surrounding development etc.
  • Over 50% of home buyers start their search online. Ask how we can get organic placement and showcase your stunning Fly-Through tour online and on Facebook!

Where do we post our video’s and how are video’s in real estate most effective? We will post your video to our YouTube channel (and yours if you have one) and also on our Facebook Page. The realtor or homeowner is also given the video file to post wherever they like. In most cases, we suggest posting the video on: MLS, Trulia, Zillow,, Personal Facebook page of realtor and seller, and Youtube. We also can help you post the video on a personalized domain name, advertise it on facebook ads, and google pay per click. The advertising portion is optional, but can be effective!

Here is our most recent Fly-Through example –  “If a picture speaks a thousand words, then our video’s speak A Million!”

Visually stunning HD Aerial/Walking Tours are designed to emotionally connect with the viewer. HD video floating through the home will tell a story that will appeal to both logic and emotion, creating high levels of interest. The biggest benefits of Fly-Through tours are: Expect more interest in your home. Quicker offers. Possibly higher offer prices. More future referrals to home sellers. More sales, and also OVERALL COMPANY GROWTH!

Be one of the first realtors in the Toledo, OH, Perrysburg, OH, and/or Bowling Green, OH area to embrace new technology and start building a reputation for literally going above and beyond to help sell your client’s homes. We do more than just virtual tours – Ask how we can also create customer testimonials for you and use our stunning footage along with client testimonial footage to create a 1-2 minute personal promotion video to help sell YOU. Clients will know that YOU are the realtor they should list their $300,000, $500,000, and even $1,000,000 homes with. Clients like to see creativity and know you have a welcoming presence and proven track record. We can help.

If you are a home owner and your real estate agent is not using this amazing aerial/walking tour technology, contact us today and we can help you directly. Sell your home quicker, and possibly at a higher price by putting a beautiful walk through video online today. Virtual tours of pictures being panned across the screen are boring, and everyone does the same thing. Set your home apart! Statistically 9 in 10 (90%) of home buyers in the Toledo, OH and Perrysburg, OH markets rely on the internet as one of their primary research sources, and 52 percent turn to the web as their first step. In today’s market, buyers are pulling up their next home as they stand in line at Starbucks waiting for a Latte, and Flyby Digital Media can help you present them with a stunning video!


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Flyby Digital Media of Toledo, OH can help you create online marketing video’s that will help sell your home quicker, whether you are a real estate professional or a home owner. Inquire today for more information or call us directly at 419-265-0296.