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Flying A Drone is Easy?

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Flying A Drone is Easy?

Flying a drone is easy, ITS TRUE! So is driving a car, showing up to work on time, and eating fast-food instead of following your diet! BUT, not everyone is good at those things.

On almost every job that Flyby takes on, someone onsite is working a lot more manual labor than we are. We get technology out of a box and use a controller to put it in the air. Can you imagine how it makes those construction workers, landscapers, and others feel to see us holding a controller and pushing joysticks?  The truth is, our work is FUN, and it is SKILLED. When you see us put a drone up into the air fly high and quick, turn around, and begin recording, we make it look easy… that means we are SKILLED!

Flying on sight is fun for us and the client, our hard work usually comes in after the project when we sit down at the editing table to do photo or video editing. Our offices are located in Perrysburg, OH, and we spend hours on our computer fine tuning the details of every project. We can do things such as add grass to your pictures just so the “cheese is oozing out” when you use them for advertising. We can crop out objects that are not photogenic, and clean up areas that aren’t perfect. We also do basic color correction and sharpening to most photo’s to give them a professional touch. We spend hours on the computer in the office putting together promotional video’s for social media, sales presentations, and television.

So the next time you see us flying and you say “that guy has a CAKE JOB!” just know that the cake tastes great when you see us… because we are having ton’s of fun flying….. but we also have a lot of pressure on us while we are flying, because we have to deliver an exceptional project to our client. This means we have one shot only to get the perfect pictures and video’s. If we get back to the editing table and we don’t have the perfect picture, UHT OH!!!!

Hire the best, call Flyby Digital Media for your next project. We have a portfolio, and references available to prove that we are the professionals for you. Call today 419-265-0296 or contact us below for a free price quote. Flyby Digital Media is a professional drone photography and video company located in Perrysburg, OH and servicing Northwest, OH and Southeast, MI.


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Real Estate Drone Video’s of Country Property – Perrysburg, OH

Some of the most beautiful homes and property available for sale are located in the country. In the outlying areas of Perrysburg, OH that can mean in-between cornfields or even on the river. Flyby Digital Media does Aerial and Walking tours of all homes, but we really enjoy filming shots like this out in the middle of the sticks.

On properties of 2+ acres, aerial drone footage is the best way to showcase the property lines, the homes location on the property, and how far away the neighbors are. You can even see fish in the pond if you look closely. Footage like this can be used to sell a home, or simply to make memories. We hope you will consider Flyby Digital Media of Perrysburg, OH for your next project or memory!

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What Makes A Good Drone Pilot in Toledo, OH

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Whether you are driving a bicycle, a car, a boat or a plane… all drivers and pilots carry a different skill level. I think we all know that person who got their license and then got in a wreck, because they just didn’t get it.

Piloting a drone is no different. A skilled drone operator is able to operate the drone not only safely, but quickly and efficiently. This is important because in the world of drone photography and drone video, you really only have one chance to get the shots you require. If you don’t get the shots, you could always re-hire the drone guy to come out and do over the project you hired him for in the first place, but that doesn’t make much sense. Drone photography is not cheap currently. Rates range from $1,000 per day to $10,000 per day which is a good reminder that you get what you pay for!

Flyby Digital Media in Toledo, OH charge $195 per hour with volume and per day discounts available. The rate includes a professional drone that can record in full HD and take high quality pictures. It also includes a skilled and certified drone pilot. Projects such as real estate aerial’s, property and photo’s, new home construction projects, and field flyovers start as low as $75. Travel charges are waived using the formula of 30 minutes travel time per hour of fly time. So if you hire us for 2 hours we will travel up to 1 hour for free.

We are excited for the warmer weather and can’t wait to share pictures from the projects we do this year. Weather you are in Maumee, OH, Bowling Green, OH, or Toledo, OH Flyby Digital Media is your drone photography and video company. We guarantee all of our work.

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Spring Time is Drone Time!

The weather is finally warming up and drone weather is here! Spring time starts the preferred drone season because everything becomes more photogenic; the grass turns green, the flowers begin to bloom and the battery on drones lasts longer when taking aerial pictures and videos. This is because the temperature is warmer which allows the batteries to work more efficiently.

We have already done a few projects this spring in Perrysburg, and Maumee, OH and we are excited to do more over the next few months! Right around the corner is a car dealership shot that we are very excited for. Please follow us for more portfolio and work updates. Flyby Digital Media, your aerial photography and drone specialists in Toledo, OH.

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Flyby Digital Media – Perrysburg, OH

Flyby Digital Media is a the premiere aerial drone photography company in Toledo, OH. We offer high quality aerial photography as well as HD 1080, up to 4k Ultra HD video footage. Our experienced drone pilots are professional and will work with you to get the perfect shot. Flyby Digital Media has a team of creative professionals to help with your marketing visions from beginning to end. Weather you just want the raw footage from an aerial shoot, or you would like our team to edit it into a social media or television advertisement, we can help you along the way! Our main service area is Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Some areas within our service area are Ann Arbor, MI, Monroe, MI, Adrian, MI, Defiance, OH, Napoleon, OH, West Unity, OH, Findlay, OH, Port Clinton, OH, Sandusky, OH, Perrysburg, OH, Maumee, OH and more!