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Aerial Video


Aerial video can be used as a stand alone footage, or edited together with ground footage to tell a captivating message about your home or business. Taking your marketing imagination to new heights can set you apart from the competition. When you use aerial video in your marketing, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT! Ask how we can lay out a full script and storyboard and create visually stunning video’s for social media promotion, television advertising, or even in home sales presentations for your business. Here is an example of a basic exterior home tour for a local real estate agent:

Here is an example of some B-Roll and other additional footage we have shot for home tours, TV commercials, and more:

Video segments can be edited together to tell a story or provide a complete overview of your business or services. Editing can include title screens, sub titles, and even overlayed music to compliment the production. The final version can be output in many different formats such as HD, DVD, Youtube, and other web ready formats. Aerial Video footage can benefit industries such as:

Flyby Digital Media also specializes in corporate videos, which can be used for Facebook, YouTube, Television, or advertising on your website. Here is an example of our first corporate video in 2017

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Disaster Relief

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Customer testimonials and references are available for our aerial drone photography and video services right here in Toledo, OH. Our Drone’s are portable and we don’t mind traveling either! Ask about our Aerial Drone rates in Ann Arbor, MI, Monroe, MI, Detroit, MI, and more. Get pricing on your Drone Photography and Video project today. Call us at 419-265-0296 for more information.